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Topic subjectRE: Mental Masturbation
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19432, RE: Mental Masturbation
Posted by 25percenter, Sat Dec-16-00 02:17 PM
I'm not even "inclined" to deep dic every thick and corn fed phyne negro I see....so your earlier disqualification was curious..

dic ain't god, but i thank god fo th' dick. Ultimately, I exist because of th dic!
(hey that rhymed) :-)

isn't it ultimately about discretion not about preference. I'm no Christian (a p.k. = preacher's kid....if you in the know, then yall unnerstand), but I was always told that S and G was destroyed because of the lustful hearts of men....didn't say they were homiesexuals....maybe a lil freaky and horny......but then again...wasn't dude willing to graciously offer his under-aged daughter to the supposed "fags." Maybe the angel dudes looked better than the women in Sodom or something. Hey us in-betweeners sometimes have a hard time choosin....depends on the merchandise.....which isn't to suggest that we aren't monogamously inclined....just that maybe the dudes in that town were better lookin than the girls. I'm havin a hard time in the Bay cuz dudes ain't that cute here.....it ain't Brooklyn....that's for sure.

It feel so good to be dogma-free and to still know a god who love me.