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Topic subjectHey Juba!
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19431, Hey Juba!
Posted by SankofaII, Sat Dec-16-00 06:47 AM
wassup mayne?

Random December Quotes:
"'Man, I want to get a t-shirt explaining how to pronounce my name'"
--Kamil, aka Kam4/LiMak79 during a silly ass AIM convo

"Ryan, have you ever played with breasts in your life?'"
"'MOMMM!!!!!!! yea...blow up dolls are kewl!'"
--a recent thanksgiving dinner convo in which Ma Dukes wanted to know if i had EVERhad sex with a woman... :P

"'What? you can't hook my bachelor pad up? You dont wear flashy clothes? Man, you NOT GAY!'"
--a goofy ass AIM convo from that guy from WestPhilly who lives in Cleveland now...what's his name again?

--"I'm hot shit!"
--"Of COURSE you are, carrying SEVERAL STD'S would make you hot, ya know!'"
me telling a friend of mine why she thinks she's so "hot"

"Fuck a Love connection, Ryan...i need a DICK connection. THe inner walls is CALLING for it, okay?"
--my best friend as to why she was in need recently... :)