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Topic subjectYeah, im a sissy...
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19430, Yeah, im a sissy...
Posted by pointfivefag, Fri Dec-15-00 09:44 PM
so what does that mean to you?/you awfully concerned about what i do/for somebody that don't wanna kiss me :)

i'm overloaded with your information/saturated with your opinions
as boy loving brothers get covered so fast in the stank ass smothering onions of your religion
but i be *atheist* saying this/so you dont get the gist/and think that my twist in the wind is indecision/ you as dumb as a box of rox lady/
you rate fate faded, played like argyle socks in the late 80s

fagdissin is a has-been/so let me stop rhymin' and go find my boyfriend/or a lesbian

pointfivefag and 25percenter from "straighttrippin"

get the "that de/EP" sampler by emailing me through this post.

hey damali!

aint this some shit?

(neverevergonnagetit...) :)