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19420, HotThyng76
Posted by guest, Fri Dec-15-00 05:17 AM
What's up HotThyng. I hate boards sometimes don't you? It's a quick fix; it lets people get on a high horse for a minute and then be out w/o dealing face to face with someone's confronting energy. But here you are with just your honesty and your personal story, baring yourself. Thank you for that. I am Methodist born, Presby by faith. I just wanted to point out that you said, "I read most of the Bible, went to church regularly, tried to live right...alla dat." Most of us born into a Christian family suffer with the same way of thinking, that DOING or living right, will somehow earn our way into heaven, even if we know the theology. I fall into this scenario everyday. And because I seek out understanding of theology and scripture, I also fall into a more condemned label of being a "Pharisee." That's where I beat you over the head with laws and rights and wrongs. But you obviously know all this. You already seem to understand that DOING won't get you where you and I both want to be. I do too (even though my actions don't always reflect). My invitation lies here: I'm still a Christian. I believe there's a better way than DOING. If you'd like to learn how, screw the response and beating over heads with homophobia that goes on over here. Write me an email. Find out why I agree with you about not finding God through doing, yet have found another way through Christ. Interested? Email:stanwooh@hotmail.com