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Topic subjectRE: Gays & Hell
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19414, RE: Gays & Hell
Posted by guest, Sat Dec-09-00 12:33 PM
whhy woulod anyone who knows the true origins of the Bible and it's prophecies i.e written by men for control over the populus, that homosexuals are going to hell or are heelbound because of their sexual orientation. God is love, unconditional, he never abandons us, we abandon him by not aknowleding the love that we all hold for one another. By not living in peace, teaching our young to be people of truth, sexual preference, I beleive, is not a concern for God. So, are Homosexuals sinners, who gives a fuck, what matters is their happiness, it is none of our concern if their souls are going to hell or not, we should just worry about our own asses!