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19406, RE: Right, but
Posted by kimmie_j, Tue Dec-05-00 10:24 AM

>We can also argue that
>since you are born homosexual,
>that God created homosexuality and
>why would he condemn something
>He created.

This is exactly what I think. I have felt the way I feel for women every since I was a child (7yrs old to be exact). Knowone can tell me I choose it. I didn't know there was choice at that age. All i knew was I liked girls. The same is true about my girlfriend/lover. She is a woman. Not a feminine woman. She has masculine taste. She doesn't choose her make-up (for lack of a good way to put it). She doesn't choose her taste. It is all wrapped up into WHO she is. People tend to think homosexuality is all based on who you sleep with. When really that is the smallest part of WHO we are. It has nothing to with sex. It has to do with HOW we love...

When the world stops freaking out on the way we have sex, and sees us as regular people, then maybe Gay people will be better understood.