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19405, RE: Right, but
Posted by janey, Tue Dec-05-00 07:52 AM
That's true, but as I noted above, that generally elicits the response that homosexuality is a choice made by man in exercising the free will given him by God. So then you have to actually address the choice question.

There are a lot of cultural taboos that are prohibited by the Bible, and of course whether or not people believe that breaking those taboos will send someone to hell seems to have a lot to do with what the speaker's personal opinion of the taboo is. For example, I don't see a lot of people running around claiming that anyone who is not circumsized is going to hell. Or that anyone who eats milk and meat together is going to hell. But when it comes to the bedroom, it seems like everyone has a strong opinion. Opinion polls on masturbation are mixed.

Sometimes it's exhausting, don't you find?


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