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Posted by QuestOn4, Thu Dec-14-00 06:16 PM
>..saved as in believing, accepting, and
>proclaiming that Jesus Christ is
>the Son of God.
>So if they've been baptized
>and profess this, they ain'
>gonna burn..just like we heterosexuals
>who believe the same.

Our repective sexualities---homosexual, hetero, whatever---- are so hardwired into us that it would seem sadistic for a "God" to predispose you to want it and then say damn people for impulses imbedded in them. I'm not a Christian, but from everything I've read about the guy, it doesn't seem like too many modern-day Christians would agree with anything he said.

>People have problems with homosexuals because
>they say they're "living in
>sin"...We live in sin everyday..are
>heterosexual couples who "shack" going
>to hell?
>Homosexuality might not be God's preference,
>but then again, I don't
>think having sex before marriage
>is His preference either...

I don't think God has peferences. I mean, if his will is absolute, then isn't the reality in whch we exist his preference? If he's omnipotent, his preferences are the rule, no?

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