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Topic subjectThanks for making me clarify
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19384, Thanks for making me clarify
Posted by janey, Tue Dec-05-00 06:08 AM
What I'm really talking about are people who are so invested in making themselves right that they have to see others as wrong. So, sanctimonious posturing isn't well received in my arena. That's what I mean. It's completely different when people are willing to see themselves as a part of the struggle toward the greater good rather than a judge sitting on the sidelines pointing out those who are failing.

I also have a slightly different take on original sin and the concept of everyone being sinful than your average cradle Christian. I don't see this as anything more than a description of the experiential reality that each of us has areas in which we can improve. I know I sure do. But I think there are ways in which we can focus on the end of suffering that don't make other people suffer more -- so an end to suffering for everyone, not just the people we approve of.


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