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19368, RE: I Samuel 18 & 20
Posted by LobbyFunkster, Wed Dec-13-00 09:20 AM
>1 Samuel 18
>1 And it came to pass,
>when he had made an
>end of speaking unto Saul,
>that the soul of
> Jonathan
>was knit with the soul
>of David, and Jonathan loved
>him as his own soul.
>2 And Saul took him that
>day, and would let him
>go no more home to
>his father's house.
>3 Then Jonathan and David made
>a covenant, because he loved
>him as his own soul.
>4 And Jonathan stripped himself of
>the robe that was upon
>him, and gave it to
>David, and his
> garments,
>even to his sword, and
>to his bow, and to
>his girdle.
>1 Samuel 20
>1 And David fled from Naioth
>in Ramah, and came and
>said before Jonathan, What have
> done?
>what is mine iniquity? and
>what is my sin before
>thy father, that he seeketh
>my life?
>2 And he said unto him,
>God forbid; thou shalt not
>die: behold, my father will
>do nothing either
> great
>or small, but that he
>will shew it me: and
>why should my father hide
>this thing from me? it
> is
>not so.
>3 And David sware moreover, and
>said, Thy father certainly knoweth
>that I have found grace
> thine
>eyes; and he saith, Let
>not Jonathan know this, lest
>he be grieved: but truly
>as the LORD
> liveth,
>and as thy soul liveth,
>there is but a step
>between me and death.
>4 Then said Jonathan unto David,
>Whatsoever thy soul desireth, I
>will even do it for
>16 So Jonathan made a covenant
>with the house of David,
>saying, Let the LORD even
>require it
> at
>the hand of David's enemies.
>17 And Jonathan caused David to
>swear again, because he loved
>him: for he loved him
>as he
> loved
>his own soul.
>30 Then Saul's anger was kindled
>against Jonathan, and he said
>unto him, Thou son of
> perverse
>rebellious woman, do not I
>know that thou hast chosen
>the son of Jesse to
>thine own
> confusion,
>and unto the confusion of
>thy mother's nakedness?
>31 For as long as the
>son of Jesse liveth upon
>the ground, thou shalt not
>be established, nor thy
> kingdom.
>Wherefore now send and fetch
>him unto me, for he
>shall surely die.
>42 And Jonathan said to David,
>Go in peace, forasmuch as
>we have sworn both of
>us in the
> name
>of the LORD, saying, The
>LORD be between me and
>thee, and between my seed
> thy
>seed for ever. And he
>arose and departed: and Jonathan
>went into the city.

Your drunk. How do you get a homosexual relationship from that? Clearly you don't know how to interpret the bible at all. It's common knowledge that the term "knew" is a reference to sex. It does not say that Jonathan "knew" or "came to know" David. It says "Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul ". How do you get homosexuality from that? Have you bothered to look how "knit with one's soul" is used in other parts of the bible? What context do they use it in? I am in the process of my writing my response that I mentioned before.