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Topic subjectRE: Read "your" Bible logically
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19357, RE: Read "your" Bible logically
Posted by guest, Mon Dec-04-00 01:52 PM
>>It's also rumored that Shakespeare was
>>gay, and he helped King
>>James to "translate" the Bible
>>just so he can "get
>>in good with him."
>If that is the case, I
>think Shakespeare would have left
>Sodom and Gomorah out of
>the book...... but I haven't
>read the King James version.

Just a comment of this: no claim I have read that states that Shakespeare may have written some of King James version claims he did it all, some of the authors can actually be verified, and Shakespeare is not one of them. Hell, some people believe Shakespeare WAS King James. We also don't know for sure that Shakespeare was homosexual, that claim is mostly made because almost half the Sonnets are man-to-man love poems. But even understanding what that really means is ambigous at best. One thing I have heard is that the translators of the King James version were actually anti-The King and put in explicit anti-gay doctrines just to piss him off, cause they had some vendetta against him. I don't know too much about that though.