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Topic subjectRE: Read "your" Bible logically
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19356, RE: Read "your" Bible logically
Posted by BurbKnight, Mon Dec-04-00 12:18 PM
>All over in those scriptures you
>can see where God bestowes
>hatred upon people.
>Besides,.....the very same people who wrote
>the Bible were gay.

C'mon man...... where did you get that one from?

>The Romans were freaks,

That like saying all blacks are criminals

>It's also rumored that Shakespeare was
>gay, and he helped King
>James to "translate" the Bible
>just so he can "get
>in good with him."

If that is the case, I think Shakespeare would have left Sodom and Gomorah out of the book...... but I haven't read the King James version.


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