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Topic subjectRE: Queer as folk
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19352, RE: Queer as folk
Posted by Olu, Thu Dec-14-00 09:27 PM
>About Shakespeare if you look at
>Psalm 42 (or 46?) the
>42nd (or 46th?) word from
>the top is shake and
>the 42nd (or 46th) word
>from the bottom is spear.
> Some scholars say that
>Shakespeare helped to translate the
>Psalms and in it he
>left his name. The
>number represented the age that
>he was at the time.

You expect us to trust you when you couldn't even check the pslms yourself before posting? How much of the information you are spouting is firsthand and how much is simply stuffyou heard and never bothered to question?
Open your mind!!!!!!

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is stoned to death"
Joan D. Vinge, 'Psion'