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Topic subjectplagues of ignorance
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19304, plagues of ignorance
Posted by guest, Wed Jan-31-01 04:36 PM
fighting for the end of ignorance. ignorance is the ailment that triggers the symptoms of many ills in society. even though im young (in my last year of high school) i feel as though society lacks any true awareness. unless it involves something pretty that glitters, nobody has any regard for it. i see this too much with my generation, many of whom will easily laugh at someone like me who wants the truth, or just disregard me as a radical that is full of shit. they sit in class and continue thier brainwashing with what we are "taught". there are some whose eyes have not been blinded by the glaze of ignorance, but we need to organize and educate. ignorance has infested itself beyond my generation as well, and exists in the government, education, and social systems. the amount is overwhelming, and combating the seductress called ignorance will be a heavy task, especially considering that "ignorance is bliss" to the majority of society. it will definetely be a long progress, but it is worth it. to an extent we are all ignorant, but the level at which many are at now is ridiculous. anybody that is feeling this, miami or not, please feel free to reply.

peace and love.

"if one of us isnt free, then we're all to blame."-talib kweli