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Topic subjectPower doesn't equal problems
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19301, Power doesn't equal problems
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-23-01 06:54 AM
Power itself is not the problem. The problem is when power lies in the hands of individuals who have a natural tendency (due to their culture's essence) to want to conquer and enslave. The Kemetic civilization lasted for thousands of years and because of the people's world-view, defined by their culture, was itself peaceful they did not do what this western culture has done in it's relatively short period of rule. People of other nations were allowed to come in and study and learn from our culture. We didn't take them and psychologically sabotage their minds in order to subjugate them and use them to build what was ours.

So power itself is not what has this situation so messed up, but the use of that power by those whose aim is already imperialism and exploitation of other peoples. And the use of psychological warfare wasn't something that Europeans just thought of one day in dealing with foreign relations. This had already been cultivated in their culture and was being used on themselves in order for the few to control the many. This was already in place, and so with the introduction of power this did not necessarily change. It just magnified. It grew to include everyone who they came in contact with. Something that Plato realized was that those who are taken in by the State, or society, must be made to think like the State or they will destroy the State. He did not even want poets in his ideal society because the poet would not lock himself into the conceptual reality that Plato constructed.

I would write more, but I've got to go.


"...in his strivings for order, Western man has created chaos by denying that part of his self that integrates while enshrining the parts that fragment experience..."
-Edward Hall, Beyond Culture