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19298, RE: Misunderstanding
Posted by guest, Sat Jan-20-01 03:03 PM

NICE POST, some of the part i liked especially were:

>>It is not enough to simply refuse to
participate in the system, we have to ATTACK the
system by every means possible.

the nature of the threat isn't real enough to most people to even see that this is so. sad very sad. i identified with the author on many points especially the whole reverend chicken wing speech. oppressed people always see salvation trickling down from the very thing oppressing them. someone once said, "what has enslaved you can never set you free." yet and still HBCU's and the "talented tenth" producing black institutions tell groom students for that corporate job thinking economic victories mean something. remembering the aforementioned statement i say this "negroes, you were brought here on an economic premise, you think it's going to SAVE you?" geez, damn bootlickers.

>>This we live in a free
country dribble is making me sick.

many would agree with every word said in this post. however, because it actually causes for proactive CHANGING of the very way people are used to living, expect the first bootlicker to read it to attack the whole post, then end in some "love, peace,& happiness" signature. hold up, my bad, that post was too long for a bootlicker to look at, if it isn't a paragraph long soundbite it won't get noticed.


An ex-slave of a slave trader, he knew the wickedness of slavery and that man was not meant to slave for man. It got to the point where Vesey couldn't bear to have a white person in his presence. He was very outspoken with his hatred for YT. When slaves bowed to YT in the street, he would rebuke them. When the slaves replied, "But we're slaves," Vesey would reply, "You deserve to be slaves." An infamous quote of Vesey was when he said, "We are free, but the white people here won't let us be so; and the only way is to raise up and fight the whites." One of his plans was to takeover of arsenals, guardhouses, powder magazines and naval stores in Charleston, South Carolina, but, he too, was betrayed by a house negro. Vesey and 5 of his aides were hanged on July 2, 1822.