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Topic subjectMisunderstanding
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19296, Misunderstanding
Posted by Solarus, Sat Jan-20-01 06:46 AM

>DP said he thought there were
>too many white people. I
>asked whether white people should
>be included in this dialogue,
>or are they automatic enemies
>in this revolution. My next
>statement flowed from this and
>also responded to your call
>for an all-out was of
>extinction against whites (which would
>obviously cause an all out
>counter-attack >the better term]) against blacks
>by most whites. I was
>saying that if a revolution
> to your liking were
>to go down, I would
>be neutral. That is all.
>How is that off the

Noone ever mentioned an all-out war between whites and blacks. That came from YOU. The "extinction" was removal of the Western mentality from this planet. This does not necessarily mean the automatic killing of PEOPLE. You grossly assumed this. Also I mentioned earlier that "Westerners" is a term that does not only apply to whites but also non-whites. Therefore the "war" would not even be "WHITES VS BLACKS." You should have searched for the "WAKE UP PEOPLE" post that utamaroho referred to earlier. However I will say in your defense that utamaroho should have explained further what he meant, although I know why he didn't: It's usually a waste of time. I say this because those of a Western mind try their hardest to "universalize" their mentality onto others (like you did earlier). This is a typical characteristic of a Western mentality.

LAstly white people on these boards always make the discussion about "race" instead of actually understanding the Western mentality that sprung from "white" people but was spread to "others". Instead of focusing on the Western worldview, the discussion always becomes "Hey their are good white people too." WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has NOTHING to do with the discussion and only succeeds to digressing from the real issue of the detriment of the Western conceptual system. Instead of completing a self-analysis, one only DEFENDS one's ways. Fuck a "race." That isn't the (only) problem today. To make it plain: Jesse JAckson is MORE of a problem than George Bush. That both have the same goals (promotion of the "American" way), only Jesse JAckson succeeds in trivializing the problem by screaming "RACE," not unlike many white and bootlicking okayactivists do on many of these boards.



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