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Topic subjectRE: why is that?
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19295, RE: why is that?
Posted by guest, Fri Jan-19-01 01:20 PM

>>>I know I'm probly an exception to the rule, but as a white man, if there were a war between white and black people, with both trying to eliminate the other
>where did this come from?

DP said he thought there were too many white people. I asked whether white people should be included in this dialogue, or are they automatic enemies in this revolution. My next statement flowed from this and also responded to your call for an all-out was of extinction against whites (which would obviously cause an all out counter-attack ) against blacks by most whites. I was saying that if a revolution to your liking were to go down, I would be neutral. That is all. How is that off the topic?

>think DP's statement is one
>many think but never say,
>and it's true depending on
>your standpoint. he might be
>saying it because of the
>nature of the posts and
>gross responses people write. it's
>sad when you try to
>discuss a concept and someone
>with no knowledge whatsoever of
>the topic just wants to
>talk and say anything. that
>type of "freedom of speech"
>is unrefined and when it
>comes under scrutiny the person
>wastes more time tring to
>defend their bruised egos attempting
>to justify something they've said.

I notice you often try to psychoanalyze your opponents (who you dont know a damn thing about) rather than responding to their points. My ego aint bruised. It'll take a lot more than your rants to do that. Attacks on Western society dont really offend me, since I dont care much for it. Your desire to kill millions of people does offend me.

>it takes up space, and
>causes astonishment to those like
>minds that are actually going

I'm going somewhere, so are you. Im hoping that we'll be going in the same direction, a direction equally beneficial to both of us. But it seems that ignorance (like yours and like most of my fellow whites) may take us both in the wrong direction.

>i'm still waiting on
>answers to my "specifics" but
>that may be too much
>to ask for, huh? p.s.
>don't use a search engine.
>if you made the statement,
>you should KNOW. show and
As for specifics, im still at work, so please be patient, maybe go outside, go for a walk, go on a date or something. Unfortunately, I dont have internet access at home so youll have to wait till Monday when I get back to work, a computer, and the internet. Sorry for the inconvenience.