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Topic subjectwhy is that?
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19293, why is that?
Posted by guest, Fri Jan-19-01 11:13 AM
Considering something like 80 percent of rap albums are bought by whites, what do you expect? Considering whites have beter access to computers and the internet, what do you expect?

Also dont you think it would be good to include at least some whites and some uncle toms in the dialogue to win allies for the cause? Or are they automatic enemies when it comes down to the battle? I know I'm probly an exception to the rule, but as a white man, if there were a war between white and black people, with both trying to eliminate the other, I know exactly where I would be: neutral on the sidelines, disgusted and horrified with the whole damn thing. Say what you want, try to psychoanalyze me all you want, but I know myself, and i know my so-called "whiteness" doesnt mean shit to me.