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19286, zackly
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-22-01 05:57 AM
moreso fighting for land...but unfortunately here, blacks fighting for land is like fighting to breathe in an atmosphere with a small level of oxygen. equality in the arts and entertainment, government and politics (for those who still want to compete in that industry), and family: especially this category...i believe we've been brainwashed (the american masses) to believe that a two parent home is optional but not necessary. that is simply not true...a two parent home IS necessary...now whether these parents live in the same SPACE, that's optional. getting back to your question, i mean eqality in a way that's up to date, not how we used to fight for it...we've got to change our perspective of ourselves first for that...but that's just my approach, as you've stated before, and i'm still working on a plan, but a plan indeed...

word. thanks for the look.