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Topic subjectnot looking to be provided for
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19285, not looking to be provided for
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-22-01 06:06 AM
looking for self preservation and provision...but that's very difficult in a land that doesn't belong to us in the first place, BUT POSSIBLE. before desegregation, that was very very plausible...it can be redone, but needs to be redone in a current and up to date way...i haven't worked it all out I NEED HELP on this. our psyche is fucked, first and foremost. how i believe we should change is on perspective first. then with a sense of high self esteem across the black american diaspora, there will be an equality that others will feel and respect. i'm not trying to say just turn the other cheek, but it would be counter productive to believe that killing white people and burning their institutions will create the revolution we need to instigate. put it this way, bling blingin and makin ourselves look like sex objects is the exact equal to suicide. image is everyting in the information age. feed off that and reply cuz i got focus and drive, but i need more minds (power in numbers) with me on this...
freedom now.