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Topic subjectTo add to what Solarus and utamaroho said...
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19282, To add to what Solarus and utamaroho said...
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-22-01 10:59 PM
the Kemetic (not "Egyptian") people practiced agriculture, but it was not in the sense that westerners do. First of all, there was a balanced exchange with the land. It was give and recieve, unlike western commercial farms which rape the land and exploit it until its nutrients are used up. There was also the use of hanging gardens now called "hydroponics". In this type of system land isn't even used to grow plants and more people can be fed. We as Afrikans did not see the land as a tool to be used and abused. We understand that we are spiritually connected with the land just as we are with each other. Euro-centric thought has discounted the idea of spirit. As a matter of fact, during the early stages of European development they were exposed to hostile environmental factors. This helped to form a distorted world-view, and then with Plato's direction (along with other Greek philosophers) it solidified into the twisted world-view that it is today. A world-view which is hostile and must not only discount anything different from it, but it must also impose itself on those that are not like it. Imperialism is in its cultural essence because the western mind is trained to dichotomize everything. This means to seperate things such as "logic" and "emotion", and once these things are seperated they are not looked at as necessary counterparts to a whole but as two opposing objects. In this opposition one must overcome the other. This already sets the mind in the mode of domination and supremacy, and this permeates all of western cultural thought. This is why western culture has to be done away with because it promotes an irreconcilable need to dominate people and things around you, and so it is dangerous for everyone when that way of thought is allowed to prevail.

"If our education is not about gaining real power, we are being miseducated and misled and we will die 'educated' and misled."
-Amos Wilson, The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness