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Topic subjectRE: Westerner does not equal white.
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19278, RE: Westerner does not equal white.
Posted by guest, Fri Jan-19-01 10:59 AM

>>The point is, any time and any place a "civilization" popped up, ideas we attribute to Westerners popped up as well.

we have GOT to be using the word western in two different contexts, but i'll get to that later.

>>It means they used FORCE, COERCION, and VIOLENCE to unite the empire. It wasnt done voluntarily.

when i say give specific examples, i'm asking for nouns, i.e people, places, dates, specific events. without using the internet and a search engine can you be more specific? or is this generalizing you're doing all you have in your arsenal. it is classic to show examples of "wrong-doing" within every culture to attempt to universalize certain aspects of culture. there is a definite, clear-cut distinction between western and non-western culture. wrong-doings can be found everywhere but western culture perfected it and cannot escape it. to put everyone in the same basket is what the western mind does to try and turn this into a "we are the world" discussion so as to take the spotlight off the real problem, THEMSELVES, this is just the ego trying to defend itself so i understand.

>>diggin irrigation canals= uprooting plants, soil and the animals that live off of them
planting crops=once again uprooting plants, altering ecosystem
All of these things harm the environment.

how did this specifically hurt the environment, don't generalize, give specifics. to answer this question will take serious scholarship, not just stating something which SEEMS obvious given the data one has, data which pertains to observations i'm sure you've witnessed today. the Kemetians(egyptians) wrote about everything under and above the sun, how did "they" see the impact of the canals? as harmful? i mean, eating fruit off a tree impacts the environment, doesn't it? give specifics, specifics. the way western culture has had an impact on the environment can never be compared to what their practices were. come on. western culture has the ability to end life on EARTH, to destroy mankind with weapons created strictly for that purpose. western culture is the concentrated form of wickedness, don't try to pawn it off on cultures which never have and never will reach it's destructive tendencies.


An ex-slave of a slave trader, he knew the wickedness of slavery and that man was not meant to slave for man. It got to the point where Vesey couldn't bear to have a white person in his presence. He was very outspoken with his hatred for YT. When slaves bowed to YT in the street, he would rebuke them. When the slaves replied, "But we're slaves," Vesey would reply, "You deserve to be slaves." An infamous quote of Vesey was when he said, "We are free, but the white people here won't let us be so; and the only way is to raise up and fight the whites." One of his plans was to takeover of arsenals, guardhouses, powder magazines and naval stores in Charleston, South Carolina, but, he too, was betrayed by a house negro. Vesey and 5 of his aides were hanged on July 2, 1822.