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Topic subjectRE: Westerner does not equal white.
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19275, RE: Westerner does not equal white.
Posted by guest, Thu Jan-18-01 06:48 PM
For the record, I am of European descent (I'll avoid use of the word "white" or "western" for this conversation), which comes with its biases.

I believe that for most of history this "Western mindstate" has mainly been dominant among the rich ruling and middle classes (I use middle class in the historical/bourgeoisie sense, not the AMerican, "were all middle class" sense). Valuing profit and power over human life and the environment, Machivellian leadership, and other tenets of "Western Civilization" have always been exercised by kings, politicians, capitalists, and their supporters. Poor whites in factories, farms, etc. were not usually participants or followers, at least not intentionally. I guess you could say I take more of a Marxist standpoint. This whole Western philosophy scam (i.e. unchecked individualism, capitalism, environmental destruction, etc.) is taught to us all so that we can be good citizens. It is not an innate part of white nature or human nature for that matter. However, nowadays in most "modern, Western" nations this mindstate has affected the masses from top-to-bottom. In most of these nations, people give their implicit approval of Western faults by merely going along with the system and profiting from it. But that still leaves out a whole lot of white people. Many poor whites living in SouthEastern Europe, parts of Ireland, are living a lot like their serf/peasant forefathers. They arent benefiting off of this wolrdwide exploitation of non-Westerners. Should they be wiped out as well?

Also, do you consider Egypt an African civilization? I do. Many so-called Western ideas originated and/or flourished there. You dont think the pyramids were built through volunteer work do you? And how do you think all of the disparate kingdoms of Lower and Upper Egypt were united? For the common good? And what about the vast irrigation canals and agricultural fields that fed the nation? You dont think they harmed the environment? (in my opinion, agiculture was the beginning of the end for the environment). Many cultures in East Asia, particularly China, adhered to some of these violent, exploitative, and harmful "Western" ideals as well.

So-called Western ideals have developed in any society with significant income and power inequality. They justify the status quo. The solution is redistribution (through violent means if necessary) and education.