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19261, i asked b/c
Posted by guest, Fri Jan-19-01 10:54 AM
I started to think about what I am actually fighting for. I don't mean the REASON.. but the end result.

I started thinking.. if my demands were to be meet by the enemy..what would I be asking for? or demanding?

A separate nation?
- Where Africans in america can grow and re-build themselves.

But then.. many issues came in my mind... like "Who will be considered African?"...How will we rebuild our minds, lands, history?.....And is this actually possible?

- in money, education, land, apologies...

But how much is enough? Who will receive the benefits? And who decides what our reparations will be? And if this happens... will our struggle be over?

- to have the same advantages as the "majority" in america...

but how can that be ensured? And aren't we pronounced as equal now, and still struggling?

- to kill off the oppressor..and be "free"

What will this prove.. Is it the answer?

If there is no common goal.. then we will end up fighting eachother...and that was my point....

Just seeing what other people were fighting for....


he ain't have to understand
cause i understood
who i was