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Topic subjectRE: Let's start with the obvious...
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19250, RE: Let's start with the obvious...
Posted by guest, Thu Jan-18-01 03:11 PM

Hitler wasn't as efective as i am going to be...

hush...calm down...don't be scared, it's not going to happen tomorrow you still have time to get some ram's blood. staying on the "biblical" analogy, there have been floods and inundations in stories from past peoples throughout time, replpace genocide with cleansing the planet. from Malcolm X "the white man is in no moral position to say anything, this is like the wolf asking the sheep, or the rapist asking the rapee, do you hate me? no the white man is in no moral position to judge" sounds to me like "you see yourself within the lost, but we can find you brother." -again from Malcolm X. of course it looks bad to those whose methods aren't the same, but it will be effective.

i thought about the whole "i'm western too" thing, and if even a particle of western nature is left within, i will extinguish this body too, much like in Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 Judgement Day. God Bless America


An ex-slave of a slave trader, he knew the wickedness of slavery and that man was not meant to slave for man. It got to the point where Vesey couldn't bear to have a white person in his presence. He was very outspoken with his hatred for YT. When slaves bowed to YT in the street, he would rebuke them. When the slaves replied, "But we're slaves," Vesey would reply, "You deserve to be slaves." An infamous quote of Vesey was when he said, "We are free, but the white people here won't let us be so; and the only way is to raise up and fight the whites." One of his plans was to takeover of arsenals, guardhouses, powder magazines and naval stores in Charleston, South Carolina, but, he too, was betrayed by a house negro. Vesey and 5 of his aides were hanged on July 2, 1822.