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19249, Why?
Posted by alek, Fri Jan-19-01 10:53 AM
>you in the film industry?


>I sense a lot of

yup. I try, but...

why did this 'weak'
>attempt at opening minds piss
>you off so much?

Well, mainly because it linked the visual gluttony (god, was that movie fantastic to watch!) to gluttony for violence. What the hell is _that_ elucidating for people? "Wake up to the realities of the world...and blow everyone's head off."

>What other examples of escapist
>pop psychology do you use
>to gauge the Matrix with
>that made it scripturally piss-poor?

Well, it's the script that made it scripturally piss-poor. But let's take a movie like "Blade Runner." It's dialogue had real (instead of feigned) grit, and *everything* about the culture was stylized, not just the violence.

>The Matrix is the shit
Listen, I'm not saying that the movie isn't great on some grounds. But they're primarily visual and visceral. Not much for the mind. And what is there for the mind is confused and almost destructive, I'd say.


"All I want is the truth,
just gimme some truth."