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19247, Matrix...
Posted by alek, Thu Jan-18-01 10:01 PM

...so much for genocide and the revolution. Okay, let's discuss _The Matrix_.

>Explain how the mattrix was one
>of the most muddled, useless
>movies ever made..

Piss-poor script. Aspirations way WAY higher than the acting, writing, or plot could even come close to. Cheap escapist pop psychology.

>and how
>it has less use than
>your average action movie.

Actually, it has more. Do you know how bad "your average action movie" is? _The Matrix_ was one of the most visually stunning movies I've ever seen. I loved watching it. So in that sense it's useful, but the fact that it tried to "open the minds" of movie-goers through such cheap, cliched devices just pissed me off.


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