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19245, Yup.
Posted by alek, Thu Jan-18-01 05:40 PM

>>>i.e. if you mean western corporate power, or economic/environmental imperialism
>there's a much longer list than

There certainly is. I'm going to have to say "baby with the bath water" on this, though. Unless you somehow separate the social *constructions* (i.e. greed, apathy, etc.) from the essences of society, you're just going to annihilate everything. Whatever, I doubt this will mean anything to you, since it seems like you've wedded everything that's wrong in our society to that society itself. And unless you have a whole bunch of tactical nuclear weapons, you aren't going to be able to resolve your problems.

>much like the people
>in the matrix that never
>woke up, had Neo or
>Mopheus just walked up and
>said it, the populace would've
>never believed them or maybe
>even called them Hitler for
>wanting to crash it!!!

I was about to follow you into this _Matrix_ analogy, but then I realized: that was one of the most muddled, useless movies ever made (though it did have some incredible visuals).

"All I want is the truth,
just gimme some truth."