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Topic subjectRE: This is more than a little harsh...
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19244, RE: This is more than a little harsh...
Posted by guest, Thu Jan-18-01 03:22 PM

>>i.e. if you mean western corporate power, or economic/environmental imperialism

there's a much longer list than this.

if you live in America: open a magazine,newspaper, or turn on the tv. better yet ask people what their driving force is in life when you walk outside, then look at what they actually do, eventually the data will point to broad similarities of all, no matter what melting pot idea you may have been told of, and THAT my friend is western culture. to not be able to see this place for it's full grossness means you're a part of it. much like the people in the matrix that never woke up, had Neo or Mopheus just walked up and said it, the populace would've never believed them or maybe even called them Hitler for wanting to crash it!!!

(oh my god was that last part good!, yeah you liked that, didn't you Solarice! hahahaha)


An ex-slave of a slave trader, he knew the wickedness of slavery and that man was not meant to slave for man. It got to the point where Vesey couldn't bear to have a white person in his presence. He was very outspoken with his hatred for YT. When slaves bowed to YT in the street, he would rebuke them. When the slaves replied, "But we're slaves," Vesey would reply, "You deserve to be slaves." An infamous quote of Vesey was when he said, "We are free, but the white people here won't let us be so; and the only way is to raise up and fight the whites." One of his plans was to takeover of arsenals, guardhouses, powder magazines and naval stores in Charleston, South Carolina, but, he too, was betrayed by a house negro. Vesey and 5 of his aides were hanged on July 2, 1822.