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Topic subjectLet's start with the obvious...
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19242, Let's start with the obvious...
Posted by alek, Thu Jan-18-01 02:53 PM
Here's your "mission:"

>...to end western culture, civilization, and memory from the >face of the earth.

Okay...now who does this remind me of...you know that guy...oh shit what's his name....I almost have it....Oh yeah:

Adolf Hitler.

What you're describing is called GENOCIDE. The erasure of a people, their lives, culture, memory. Now, I wouldn't consolidate "western civilization" into one people, but that makes it all the more scary (and by the way, _you're_ "western civilization" too, so I hope you have somewhere good to hide from yourself).

You should try the PolPotActivist board.

(and I never sign off this way, but I think you need it...)


"All I want is the truth,
just gimme some truth."