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Topic subjectYou Would Like This Dictionary Better
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1945, You Would Like This Dictionary Better
Posted by Wonderl33t, Thu Apr-22-04 07:53 AM
Rather than a dictionary by THE MAN, here is one Activist can relate to better


The Liberal Dictionary

Soviet Union- The workers' utopia that failed because the right people weren't in charge.

Public Interest- A liberal cause.

Special Interest- A conservative cause

Democracy- Letting us liberals choose your leaders

Peace- When all opposition to the socialist movement has been silenced through propaganda, imprisonment or violence

Truth- A bit of information which is manipulated into what liberals want you to think

Religious Extremist- One who holds to any set of ideologies that does not accept or coincide with the socialist or atheistic worldviews

Racism- Any disagreement that a white person may have with someone else who is not white

Civil Liberties- Rights that are given and can be easily revoked by the government

Loophole- Giving a conservative a special tax break

Target Tax Cut- Giving a liberal a special tax break

Racist- White Person

Hate-Speech- A Republican's/Christian's/Conservative's lips are moving

Free Speech- The speech of liberals

Free Press- All media except Fox News and Talk Radio

Blacklisting and Hate Mongering- Conservative speech

Homosexual- alternative lifestyle

Heterosexual- artificial gender role

Capital Punishment- Murder
Abortion- Choice

Ecomomic Growth- Opression

Government Growth- Prosperity

Racist/Bigot/Homophobe/Nazi/Fascist- Anyone winning an arguement against a liberal

Clear and Present Danger- Guns in hands of law abiding citizens

Global Warming-Yuppies driving SUVs

Gun control- Diane Feinstien and Robustly Abominable can have one, but not you

Intolerance- Disagreement with a liberal's point of view

Mean spirited- Anyone who subscribes to the notion, "love the sinner, hate the sin"

Uncle Tom-
1. A black male who is not a victim
2. A black male who is not liberal
3. A black male who doesn't listen to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAA(L)CP

Death Penalty-
1. The process by which future electoral majorities are lost.
2. The shameful process by which true entrepreneurs are mercilessly cast out of the system for their refusal to live by the restrictions of society.

Mexico- A reserve of convenient votes to be tapped as necessary.

Politically Correct- A style of speech devised solely to be continually one step ahead of Republicans and evolving to be continually one step ahead of any form of common sense whatsoever.

Sexual Relations- Any form of physical contact not involving physical contact.

Undocumented Immigrant- Illegal aliens

Mean-spirited- The tendency to disagree with a liberal

Bipartisanship- When conservatives give in to everything liberals want

Campaign Finance Reform- What needs to happen when Republicans find legitimate ways to raise more money than Democrats

Civil Rights- What everyone should have except conservatives

Compromise- When conservatives do everything liberals want

Conservative- Someone who wants to starve children and old people, destroy the environment, shoot everyone with their assault gun, run over others with their SUV, dump toxic waste in everyone else's swimming pool, and become one of The Richest 1% of Taxpayers.

The Constitution- A document written by a bunch of Dead White Males that needs to become a "living document" every time liberals don't get their way, and followed to the letter when they do.

Disenfranchisement- What happens when the liberal candidate loses the election.

Hate Speech-
1. Anything spoken by a conservative that even remotely implies Politically Correct People deserve anything less than sainthood.
2. Anytime a conservative says something that disagrees with a liberal.

McCarthyism - When average Americans exercise their right to boycott celebrities who make anti-American statements.

Media Bias- The right-wing slant of The Washington Times, National Review, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News Channel.

Negative Campaigning- Telling the truth about a liberal candidate.

Oil- What it's really about whenever a conservative deploys American troops.

The Poor- Anyone who will vote for liberals but can't make a donation to the DNC

Recession- Any time a conservative is President.

Right-wing Extremist-
1. Any Appellate or Supreme Court nomination by a conservative President.
2. Anyone who disagrees with a liberal.

Special Interests- Any group of people who say things liberals don't like

Spending cut- Any time a Federal Program doesn't get as much money as liberals want

Tax cut- Whenever The Rich don't have their tax burden at least doubled

Tax Hike- Whenever The Poor don't get their refund on taxes they never payed

Unfair- Whenever liberals don't get their way

Unilateral- Any time one nation in the world objects to military action taken by the U.S., even if every other country in the world supports us

Need- When someone wants someone else's money.

Greed- When someone wants to keep their money.

>i've come to realize that in any debate, folk most first
>agree on the terms before the argument commences. otherwise
>it's just sillyness.
>but too often when a discrepancy or disagreement over terms
>occurs folk run to the dictionary (usually merriam-webster)
>to "settle" it. as if the dictionary is the authority on all
>IMO the dictionary is one of the most politically-charged
>things in a society because it is the beacon of acceptable
>speech/terminology. therefore the linguistic interests of
>the ruling class will always be served.
>don't get me wrong there is some use for a dictionary but
>not when it comes to debateable social terms like "poverty,"
>"racism," "gender," etc. because the definition provided
>will only serve the values of the ruling class.
>so please everyone...stop using the dictionary in an
>argument as a trump card because it just nonsensical and
>makes you look silly.
>any thoughts? opinions?

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