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1932, McSausage!
Posted by da afrocentric pimpstah, Fri Apr-23-04 10:11 AM

Just because I'm a newbie in posting does n't make me a juvenile. I've lurked for quite some time before I incarnated on these boards. Also, keep in mind wisdom does come from the mouths of babes.


>A yougn buck tryin to make his name on these boards by
>runnin off at the mouth and sounding like a complete
>idiot...Sounds real familiar round these parts...you've come
>to the right place...
>>No one is blaming the dictionary for oppression.
>"IMO the dictionary is one of the most politically-charged
>things in a society because it is the beacon of acceptable
>speech/terminology. therefore the linguistic interests of
>the ruling class will always be served. "
>Still wanna claim that "no one is blaming the dictioanry for
>opression?" Cause seems to me thats exactly what Huey the
>internet revolutioanary is doing....We can play semantics
>all day, but the fact of the matter is, if you or anyone
>wants to blame oppression on the dictionary, than you
>deserve what you get...Cats dont wanna learn to speak the
>language? Well, than deal with the consequences...THat is
>not a racist idealogue, its reality...
>It really tickles me pink when y'all fake thug internet
>revolutioanries run out of shit to blame on the white man,
>so you just start grabbin at straws.....I cant believe y'all
>figured outthe white man's master plan, to enslave you
>through the usage of proper english....WHo'da thunk it would
>work so well..???
> Huey is
>>stating that the dictionary often affirms status quo
>>concepts and we must keep that in mind when we engage in
>>critical dialectics.
>>>to the discussions with your little quips.You need to get
>>>off the dick and focus on yourself.....I said what I said
>>>because i think it is funny that people are trying to relate
>>>the dictionary to oppression...there are far more important
>>>issues in the world in this day and age and blaming Mirriam
>>>Webster isnt gonna help to lift anyone up....also i think it
>>>is completely ludicrous to try and say that the dictionary
>>>contributes to the oppression of a peoples simply because
>>>the majority of them cannot speak the language the way it
>>>was meant to be spoken....