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1931, Shhh,,,,
Posted by mcdeezjawns, Thu Apr-22-04 08:25 PM
A yougn buck tryin to make his name on these boards by runnin off at the mouth and sounding like a complete idiot...Sounds real familiar round these parts...you've come to the right place...

>No one is blaming the dictionary for oppression.

"IMO the dictionary is one of the most politically-charged things in a society because it is the beacon of acceptable speech/terminology. therefore the linguistic interests of the ruling class will always be served. "

Still wanna claim that "no one is blaming the dictioanry for opression?" Cause seems to me thats exactly what Huey the internet revolutioanary is doing....We can play semantics all day, but the fact of the matter is, if you or anyone wants to blame oppression on the dictionary, than you deserve what you get...Cats dont wanna learn to speak the language? Well, than deal with the consequences...THat is not a racist idealogue, its reality...
It really tickles me pink when y'all fake thug internet revolutioanries run out of shit to blame on the white man, so you just start grabbin at straws.....I cant believe y'all figured outthe white man's master plan, to enslave you through the usage of proper english....WHo'da thunk it would work so well..???


Huey is
>stating that the dictionary often affirms status quo
>concepts and we must keep that in mind when we engage in
>critical dialectics.
>>to the discussions with your little quips.You need to get
>>off the dick and focus on yourself.....I said what I said
>>because i think it is funny that people are trying to relate
>>the dictionary to oppression...there are far more important
>>issues in the world in this day and age and blaming Mirriam
>>Webster isnt gonna help to lift anyone up....also i think it
>>is completely ludicrous to try and say that the dictionary
>>contributes to the oppression of a peoples simply because
>>the majority of them cannot speak the language the way it
>>was meant to be spoken....