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Topic subject(MIS)USING the dictionary!
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1910, (MIS)USING the dictionary!
Posted by HueyShakur, Wed Apr-21-04 06:51 AM
i've come to realize that in any debate, folk most first agree on the terms before the argument commences. otherwise it's just sillyness.

but too often when a discrepancy or disagreement over terms occurs folk run to the dictionary (usually merriam-webster) to "settle" it. as if the dictionary is the authority on all knowledge.

IMO the dictionary is one of the most politically-charged things in a society because it is the beacon of acceptable speech/terminology. therefore the linguistic interests of the ruling class will always be served.

don't get me wrong there is some use for a dictionary but not when it comes to debateable social terms like "poverty," "racism," "gender," etc. because the definition provided will only serve the values of the ruling class.

so please everyone...stop using the dictionary in an argument as a trump card because it just nonsensical and makes you look silly.

any thoughts? opinions?