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Topic subjectthis is something that's challenged me
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1903, this is something that's challenged me
Posted by Federisco, Sat Apr-24-04 01:35 AM
>they will have a paycheck, a place to live,
>and perhaps some direction in life. I don't think anyone
>soldier can tell you how they will react to war unless
>they're put in it.

and forced me to think about it..
from where i stand, war is entirely immoral and something you must take a strong stand against unless you support it entirely. because war (..invasion) means that more than soldiers loose their lives.

i haven't been able to understand american soldiers who say they feel terrible about the war (invasion). they are actively a part of it, how then can they even have the conscience to denounce it? denounce a war you are an active part of, it IS bizarre. it's abit like.. the soldiers are very much individuals, but when they act under the military they're not responsible for their own actions anymore?! they can't help being there?

i've realized that the us military is a way to get a steady life for many, an income and a career. (different from how it is where i live)

but that's what is a shame. it results in thousands going to wars, fighting for something they don't even believe in, something many of them truly feel is wrong. thousands being used in an invasion, when they originally just seek a career and an income. they enter the military to make themselves a life, and end up taking lives.

war is usually cynical by nature. but USAs invasion must be as cynical as it gets, not to mention with its military/soldiers. generally i got the feeling that USA is a very cynical nation.