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Topic subjectRE: thats the kind of people the marines go after
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1900, RE: thats the kind of people the marines go after
Posted by Slimkiddrob, Fri Apr-23-04 01:57 PM
>true, but that doesn't explain the mass enlistment following
>9/11. Those who joined after this tragedy had to have some
>inkling of what they were getting themselves into.

Incentives were high at the time ot enlist, so were feelings of patriotism. If you knew, or had an inkling, then I can't feel sorry for you because war has left you shook. I mean, I just had a friend deploy in Jan, he was hyped up to go. All giddy and ish when he was issued his weapons and stuff. Some guys are that gung-ho type, and in reality it a guy like that, that may be the one who helps you get home in one piece.

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