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Topic subjectRE: thats the kind of people the marines go after
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1896, RE: thats the kind of people the marines go after
Posted by Slimkiddrob, Tue Apr-20-04 04:22 AM
People who want to see the world on a Government's dime join the Navy. The Marines recruit, people choose the Marines. Many enlist because the odds of going to war are very slim, and in four years of service they figure it will never happen. Plus, they will have a paycheck, a place to live, and perhaps some direction in life. I don't think anyone soldier can tell you how they will react to war unless they're put in it. Think about the mentality it takes to pull that trigger and kill. If your survival instincts don't kick in you're done. I have a good friend who fought in Somalia (he was part of a Marine battalion that left right before the "Blackhawk Down" incident). He told me when he hit the beach he was scared to death, but he sure as hell was going to fight and get home in one piece. Thank God he did. He said the scariest part was securing the city not knowing if the kid walking across the street was going pull out a start blasting on them. They would go from home to home confiscating guns sometimes carrying as much as 100lbs worth.

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