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Topic subjectI met a Marine (REPOSTED FROM GD)
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1885, I met a Marine (REPOSTED FROM GD)
Posted by JUSTICE, Tue Apr-13-04 06:50 AM
I had a most interesting time in Las Vegas. It was a wonderful time. Shauna's parents are two of the nicest people I have ever met. We saw a couple shows, and cruised around on Saturday. Just to get a glimpse of who brought up such an awesome woman, meant a lot to me. After her folks retired Sat night we decided to venture out and see where the night would take us. Jay and another friend gave me some money to play numbers on roulette so we ended up down the strip a ways at the Stardust. I was playing numbers with no luck at all. I was wearing my jacket which I had Shauna sew an Iraqi flag onto, just my way of silently protesting the war and supporting troops. I wear it so people will think I guess. I was playing number 18 when I looked over and saw a young man, staring at me with a look of complete anger, I knew it was the patch. I acknowledged him with a shy grin and looked back to the wheel. 35! He came up right next to me and put $100 on red. I asked him something about the odds and what that pays ignoring his angry vibe. He answered politely, still grimacing. Then he turns to me and pokes my arm where it reads Iraq, and say "What I wanna know, is what the fuck does that mean?" I explained to him that my whole immediate family was military veterans or employees
and that I wore it to show support not only for the troops, also for the ordinary people of Iraq. He respectfully extended his had and shook his head saying "Right on, I am in the Marine Corps" I probed him about his experience, amotions ran high and we had to retire to a bar to talk and relate. He said he couldn't deal with what he had done there, what he had to return to, and he was scared. His name is Casey, a 22 year young, strong man from South Dakota. Casey and I had tears in our eyes as he describes his job and that he doesnt understand why. He told me he doesn't want to go back, but he can't leave his boys in his unit. I told him I understood and he was brave for that. We agreed that I'd never have any idea what it's like there. We cried a little more. This young man who wanted to kick the shit out of me upon first sight had made friends with a pacifist. He continues about how he wants to get home in one piece although he's not so sure. We had to get going as it was suddenly 5 am. Here we were in Sin City, new relatives. He said his buddiesmade fun of him for crying. I told him it was okay to feel everything, we are after all only men. I gave him my contact information and he promised to write after his return to Miramar. We shared a warm brotherly hug, and parted ways, not able to withold the tears...That morning I prayed for his safe delivery home to his family. There was much love in that casino.