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1878, from yahoo...(post worthy)
Posted by Zorasmoon, Sat Apr-24-04 03:03 AM
Anti-Nigga Machine...
by: heatherday1968 04/23/04 02:59 pm
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What happened to Public Enemy-Eric B. and Rakim-Grandmaster Flash type rap that had relevant POLITICAL CONTENT? The only equality that blacks have achieved is the right to be as crass, shallow, spiritually bankrupt, and rotten to the core as whites. They are the main promoters of a brand of capitalism that destroys the soul--the kind centered on acquisition for acquisition's sake, with no meaning to it except to define oneself by the size of the bling. Ironic that the bling they sport are blood diamonds, mined with the blood of Africans who fight wars over diamond distribution. Malcolm X would weep to see this generation worship the false white god of capitalism. They have lost their souls. Unless of course, you're content to be a whore, treated like a slavemaster would have treated you, and are happy to pass down that curse to the next generation of little girls (and boys). The Civil Rights movement is dead. The 'goddamn white man' has clearly succeeded, not by denying rights, but by corrupting the minds of African Americans to the point that they'll step right up to degrade themselves rather than let someone else do it. STOP BUYING THIS SHIT and the market will be forced to provide an alternative.

"Heidi Fleiss of OKP" -eclipsedini