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Topic subject(n)igga (g)et (t)he (f)uck (o)utta (h)ere (w)ith (t)hat
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1872, (n)igga (g)et (t)he (f)uck (o)utta (h)ere (w)ith (t)hat
Posted by suave_bro, Sun Apr-18-04 02:27 PM

i dunno about everybody else on these boards, but you looken mighty bitch (in my eyes at least). why such a harsh tone? why such language?

because the botton line is this: nelly didn't perform. the boycott worked. how they went about it? agree or disagree it was effective. YOU on the other hand, DISAGREE with the way it went down, yet you are happy with the after effects!? and this makes sense WHERE!? if this aint crabs in a bucket i dont know what is...

and again: you tell us YOUR story of YOUR protest and how it was ineffective, which leads me to believe that you are bitter and angry, maybe even a bit jealous to see a group of black college students organize to get something done...

now, set your emotions to the side and reply again.