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1870, nigga GTFOHWTB
Posted by suave_bro, Sun Apr-18-04 11:45 AM
>>so during the 60's should black folks have just sat in
>>meetings in secret and tried to solve problems in the
>>privacy of our own homes?
>No, that is not what I said. I said the leaders met to
>discuss a plan of action. Action for the sake of inaction
>isn't always the best way.

-action for the sake of inaction!? uhmmm what the FUCK are you talken about...and im sure somebody "sat down" and decided to boycott NELLY.

>>if we did so, that would have been
>>showing RESPECT for the KKK and the american govt (well,
>>lets not show up da white man in public!), even though they
>>were disrespecting US in public...
>If that is the only result you can glean for coming up with
>an appropriate action plan...I don't know what to say.

-riddle me this, riddle me that....

>Yes. In fact let me give you an example- just for
>perspective. My sophomore year at Georgia Southern there
>was an uproar. The editor of our school paper said that
>Black History month should be done away with. So, instead
>of planning...I, and some like minded friends ran to the
>'brary and typed a response, and made like 1000 copies and
>placed them all over campus. didn't even spell check, but
>I digress....
>We then had a meeting. I was a DJ, so I publicized this
>meeting. This official meeting was after a smaller meeting
>of the known Black Activists on campus. The second
>meeting had all the Black social groups, greeks,
>organizations, etc. We made a plan, took it to a greater
>group of all of our supporters and put our plan of action
>into effect including: media coverage, demands, protest
>route, inclement weather provisions, signs, etc...
>The shit got great media coverage in Savannah, locally on
>Radio, college radio and newspapers. Might have even gotten
>play in ATL...I don't know. We still didn't cover all the
>bases though. Nevertheless...the shit went off OK. If we
>waited one more day we could have come with a MORE powerful
>agenda and made lasting change.
>Instead...ole boy kept his job, and all we got was like a
>sensitivity training course for on campus media- something
>that wasn't even observed.
>No teeth because of poor planning.

- no teeth because you all are ignorant...lets flip it: lets say a BLACK writer wrote up an article that was being critical of "presidents day" (after all, that one article at this college would not stop black history month it was just his opinion) and then all the right wing conservatives on campus decided to organize a "boycott"...first of all do u see how rediculous it is lookin @ it from the other sidE? and secondly, how far would their "boycott" go knowing full well that mans article in the paper is protected by the 1st amendment...

>to me it seems like u are COOL with
>>nelly sliding his credit card down the ass of a black woman,
>>yet when spelman wants to BOYCOTT his ass to let HIM and
>>AMERICA know that they aint havin it, you have a problem
>>with that...
>No, maybe you didn't read what I said. I have NO problem
>with that. Did you read what I said?

-yeah i read what u said, and you dont agree with the METHODS they went about boycotting nelly...hell, i would have liked to see them LET nelly perform, and THEN slice that nigga up when he got offstage and stab a knife through his chest with a note attached to it "TIP DRILL"...

>Fuck it. Responding is pointless. You are just str8 running
>off at the mouth about some bullshit. You obviously didn't
>read what I said or at least comprehend.

>Either that, or you are crazy...perhaps stupid.

-HAHAHAAA!!! this nigga. after reading that 3 paragraph long explenation of your failed attempt at being a wanna be revolutionary/dr king, i can now see the root of where your beef lies with this "boycott": IT WAS SUCCESSFULL!! did nelly perform? nope. did spelmans way of doing things work? yup. did yours? nope. OOPS!