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Topic subjectRE: Spelman sistas organizing with a Purpose!!!!
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1867, RE: Spelman sistas organizing with a Purpose!!!!
Posted by SmalleyeriZ, Sun Apr-18-04 10:42 AM
much respect must be shown to the sistas who were at the forefront of this protest. The fact of the matter is that the entire situation has been sweked and distored by the media to make Spelman appear as though they were the ones who canceled on the bone marrow benefit. This is highly innacurate the fact of the matter is that spelman asked them to bring another representative from the bone marrow organization and they refused to do so...as a result a lot of people who could have benefited from this drive were not........hopefully this will be recified in the future......regardless i give a major "YEAAAAA" to those sisters to resistancing against the popular culture and those who defend it...keep it movin!