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Posted by abduhu, Tue Feb-27-01 01:48 PM
rocket scientist! and so is eyezed! now can yall put all that scientific mumbo jumbo together, and make somethin fo us "black folks" (tavis style) to take over the u.s. wit. lolol......seriously though......


you are absolutely correct in what you are saying.
if one was to walk around with their draws showing, but preached "pride in self", no one would ever take them seriously, and they would prob. label them a hypocrite.

i have seen too many people on okayplayer.com make statements of righteousness and virtue, and then turn around and be in okaygeneraladiscussion talking about everything under the sun! and i mean the perverted things that a decent, self-respecting person wouldnt touch with a 1in. pole let alone a 10 ft. one.

not sayin that im perfect, or people dont make mistakes, but the question is "How hard do we try?"

not braggin, but i myself try very hard to talk the talk and walk the walk. i keep myself out of places and from around people that could: ruin my marriage, get me killed, persuade me to do something that is forbidden for me to do, etc....
of course, all that im trying to avoid could still happen (and there is no COULD about the death part, it will!), but at least i know im tryng my best to avoid it, and that is what matters with Allah (God).

he knows our intentions and our hearts.

i hope you all are trying too.
cause the devil is real, and he doesnt play around