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Posted by BooDaah, Wed Feb-28-01 06:06 AM
> I think that
>belief is based upon Perception.

disagree. wait a minute. do you mean direct ot indirect perception?

> Action is based
>upon intention.

like cause leads to effect?

in other words are you saying: intention leads to action? if so, you can have my job as moderator, because that DEFINITELY isn't the case.

> If there were
>no falsohood then we would
>not know Truth.


> Is a chair
>NOT proof of a carpenter?

idunno. you tell me why it is.

> If there is
>a correct method of carrying
>out simple actions (
>to build a building, counting money,
>cooking a meal,etc.)then
>how could there NOT be
>a correct method of carrying
>out ones life? Just a

i miss the correlation. because carrying out one's life (beyond the biological of it) isn't that simple of a task. that's why this discussion exists.

> Man was put
>on earth to worship.

worship or serve? or is service worship (i'll give you that one)

>One last thing, is the "Straight way" limited
>to those who have been
>to college and speak about
>concepts in a way
>that the common man, blue
>collar worker, oppressed and uneducated
>person(many earthlings) can NOT understand?

of course not. which is why all that "physics" business above gives me pause. upon first reading it really sounded like gibberish (sorry, not disrespect intended). upon further reading it began to make sense in a very broad way, but it doesn't (at least the part addressed) get at how one is to maintain on a daily.

theory is good, but without practicality the question is how good?

>Is anybody getting me?

trying to.

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