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18239, RE: i feel ya
Posted by Sudani, Tue Feb-27-01 02:52 PM

I think that belief is based upon Perception.

Action is based upon intention.

If there were no falsohood then we would not know Truth.

Is a chair NOT proof of a carpenter?

If there is a correct method of carrying out simple actions (
to build a building, counting money, cooking a meal,etc.)then how could there NOT be a correct method of carrying out ones life? Just a question.

Man was put on earth to worship. Wether they worship thier creator or not, they worship SOMETHING. Many worship money, others worship sex, others worship attention, others worship themselves, still others worship other men/women, some worship all of the above, some worship none of the above,etc. But man DOES worship, he does put his time and energy into Some THING or Some ONE constantly.

One last thing, is the "Straight way" limited to those who have been to college and speak about concepts in a way that the common man, blue collar worker, oppressed and uneducated person(many earthlings) can NOT understand? If your belief system only reaches "the highschool grad" or "the college grad",those with money, those who are literate, or those of a specific race, then it can't be THE way. Many "primitive" people are more advanced than the "civilized" ones, Many poor people know the meaning of giving better than the rich, etc.

Is anybody getting me?