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Topic subjecti used to be like that....
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18237, i used to be like that....
Posted by mika_muyo, Tue Feb-27-01 11:12 AM
But theres only so long that you can walk around blindfolded without bumping into that wall that will bring you to your senses...im feeling good now that ive been building with this God named Justice. he's teaching me what he knows and im doing the same thing knaamean? Ive found that with ish he says im less likely to argue cuz sayings he's told me pop into my brain, im trying to eat better, curse less etc...im not trying to impose my beliefs on people who've known no other way of life...i just want to build with the ones who know righteouness, instead of prefering that blind fold. Im 17 and thats my age of Knowledge God...its not knowledge others. i need to know myself and other Earths and Gods before i go flouncing and 'preaching'...cuz thats not wise knaamean?

my page is always being built...

'it is never wrong to ask a question, it is always wrong to be ignorant'

'i dont think im down for that...'