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Posted by BooDaah, Tue Feb-27-01 08:13 AM
>It's relative and shaped by our
>world view. 2 +
>2 = 4, yeah if
>you go by a decimal

see the example above about the rain. if i put my uncover hand into something liquid it's gonna get wet? how exactly is that relative to my worldview (beyond the language issue)?

>I put my faith in me,
>and that's it. Everything
>else can't be depended on.
> Hell, I ain't all
>that reliable, but at least
>I know what I will

so then roll like that. but again, for you (not nec. you meaning you) to say that someone ELSE is foolish for not believeing you or for making their own decision seems perilously faulty (remember the issue of the thread)

>What truth are you talking about.
> It doesn't exist.

okay then. when is this false: you = you?

> It's a gang of
>rules and regulations with some
>carrot at the end.
>But on an individual and
>an aggregate level, no one
>seems to be winning despite
>what they profess.

first of all, you looking at the wrong examples, because frankly my testimony is that i'm doing far beeter now than i ever was before, and i attribute this 100% to my faith. that said, by your own commentary "the carrot is at the end", if we haven't reached the end yet, you're assuming the result before the final bell has sounded. nadditionally, you've also made an assumption when you said the only reason to live a certain way is to recieve a particular benefit. SOME actually follow their faith to show thanks for what they've ALREADY recieved. but you don't hear me though because you've apparently already decided in your mind. as is your perogative. :)

>Sorry, it's written correctly.

so then explain where i missed it. cause i sho nuff did.

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