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Topic subjectyou want to get literal
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18226, you want to get literal
Posted by k_orr, Tue Feb-27-01 06:35 AM
>>Believe nothing, it's all chance.
>there is a thing as truth.

It's relative and shaped by our world view. 2 + 2 = 4, yeah if you go by a decimal system.

>the very satement you made is
>in and of itself contradictory.

Folks only believe if they think things will go good, or to explain the bad. Why believe when it won't affect the outcome. Do the research, and prepare for what might happen.

>if it's all chance, why should
>i believe you?

You don't have to.

>the issue is
>where do you put your
>faith (again the faith built
>on belief thing).

I put my faith in me, and that's it. Everything else can't be depended on. Hell, I ain't all that reliable, but at least I know what I will do.

and even
>wider the REAL issue of
>this post is: if you/me/we
>KNOW truth, why don't you/me/we
>live it?

What truth are you talking about. It doesn't exist.

>again contradiction. how can you say
>"prepare for the worst" yet
>also say, it doesn't matter

Easily. Following some kinda code, religion, et cetera is basically trying to live your life as harm free as possible. It's a gang of rules and regulations with some carrot at the end. But on an individual and an aggregate level, no one seems to be winning despite what they profess. So none of it works.

>>the only absolute is that there
>>are no absolutes.
>funny. shouldn't that be "the only
>absolute is that there is
>only one absolute"?

Sorry, it's written correctly.

k. orr