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Topic subjectEyezed's relativity
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18222, Eyezed's relativity
Posted by eyezed, Tue Feb-27-01 12:01 PM
>>If this is true, please explain.
>by my logic (my post, my
>logic dammit) there are two
>states, wet and dry.
>wet = !dry (the state called
>wet equals the state called
>not dry)
>dry = !wet (see above)

I like when people have their OWN logic. You've simply dispelled the idea of continuity, though. Hence, there is no difference between someone who was in the rain for .05 hours and 50 hours. They're both just wet. Otherwise you'd have to state that someone is more not dry (wet) than someone else, and that'll just open up a whole can of worms for your sequencing. Unfortunately, life doesn't work on a stream of 1's and 0's. The idea of a door being open or closed is incorrect. Just like the idea that flipping a coin and it landing heads/tails indefinitely is also incorrect. It's called the particle/wave nature of all that is matter. Since we have this tendency to fluctuate between point existence and fluid existence at a moment's notice, the coin will eventually land on neither heads nor tails. (brings a whole new meaning to being punctual!)

>>When is a human "absolutely
>when they are dry
>>You said "as i was thinking,
>>even if you have the
>>slightest degree of wetness you
>>still aren't dry". Isn't the
>>reciprocal true? If you have
>>the slightest degree of dryness,
>>you still aren't wet.
>perhaps were dancing (it's been a
>minute since i exercised this
>brainstem), but is the reciprocal
>the same as the converse?
Are you talking about the converse or the contrapositive? Just kidding. I think I explained above.

>>Which leads us to an
>>unarguable point that absolutes don't
>>exist in the current universe.
>isn't it an absolute to say
>that absolutes don't exist?
>same arguement, different person.

You're right! That is the most contradictory thing I think I've ever read. What kind of an idiot am I? I could try to rephrase, but it'll be just that "re-phrasing". I was really just trying to trick you into giving me an example of an absolute.

>this is fun. we all nerds
>(reatively that is). recognize.

I hope that doesn't get out.